Special treatment

For the processing of paper and cardboard, WEEE, glass, tyres and mattresses, Camoter International dedicates its own range of special treatments. These are machines, systems and applications specifically designed for these materials.

Only those who have had the experience of crushing large reels of paper and cardboard know the critical types of treatment for this material. To address them with satisfaction and to ensure the return on the investment it is necessary to refer to a specific competence.

With the initials WEEE you define the electrical and electronic equipment that has reached the end of its use; among them are large and small appliances, computer and communications equipment, control panel lighting, automated dispensers and toys. The WEEE is typically subjected to mechanical machining for the separation of materials from the metals, which can also be precious, that they are composed of. The presence of toxic and non-biodegradable elements is a technological challenge that Camoter International responds to by partnering with companies with verified competence.

The recycling of tyres brings handling requirements related to dimensions, separating metal from the tyres, and volume reduction. For the treatment of tyres, Camoter International’s offer is made up of specifically dedicated machines and applications.

Shredding of mattresses represents another specific challenge of our times starting with volumes.