Metals can be moved, reduced volumetrically and separated from each other, in order to be best valued. Through industrial applications offered by Camoter International, the metals are processed and separated in order to be sent to the foundries; and return to life as resources for the planet, industry and everyday life.

The copper content inside electrical cables is a valuable metal. By grinding and dry separation from the insulated part, it guarantees the re-entry of the raw material onto the market. The procedures are typically mechanical and air; also in this context the discriminating factor for the profitability of the investment is the in-depth knowledge of the technologies, applications, and the final uses available.

Aluminium is a metal with infinite life. The bulky manufacturing waste and urban waste or special collections are subjected to volume reduction so as to be easily and cost-effectively sent to the foundries. Processing and professional investment guarantee a large return on investment.

Steel is a metal that can be recycled in various areas, such as selective domestic waste collection, industrial waste and the industry of construction demolition. The material recovered can be sent to the foundry where it is melted in the ovens to return to new life.

Scrap metal, particularly that derived from the demolition of automobiles, once separated from plastics, tires, electrical waste and polluting materials, is reduced volumetrically and returns to be a resource for the site operator and the environment.

For scrap handling, Camoter International provides its expertise in terms of sales and service of industrial loaders.