Biomass and biogas

The term biomass is a collection of plants or animal organisms that are present, in a certain amount, within a given natural environment. The biomass is classified as Phytomass (from plants), Zoomass (from animal origin) and microbial biomass (from micro-organisms).

Within the sector of the recycling industry, biomass is used as a synonym for energy source. Biomass is derived from treatment process of plants rich in sugar (sugar cane, corn, beets, etc …), ethanol or oily raw material (such as soybeans and canola) to generate biodiesel. Each material needs a specific understanding of its peculiarity in relation to its efficient industrial application.

The raw vegetable material and animal slurry are typically subjected to digestion or anaerobic fermentation. Such treatments typically are implemented through the digesters, machines that allow the formation of biogas, and then used as a fuel, fuel for heating or cooling and for the production of electrical energy